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Q. Where do I order any online courses or module offerings?


A. All purchases will be made through the NAMSS Store. You will be prompted to login during the check-out process. If you are a NAMSS member or have previously created a non-member account, log in using this information. If you are new to the NAMSS Web site, you will create a non-member account during the check-out process.



Q. How can I access my online courses?

A. Select “My Current eLearning” from the top navigation to access your current online courses.


Q. I can’t remember if I took this course yet, how do I tell?


A. Visit “My eLearning History” from the left navigation to track what courses and/or modules you have already completed.



Q. Do my eLearning courses expire? 


A. NAMSS online education programs expire after a given period of time from the date of purchase and access. Online course modules, such as exam prep courses and the Leadership Certificate Program, expire after 1 year. Most recorded webinars and webinar packages expire after 90 days. Quizzes, such as Synergy quizzes, expire after 90 days. You can see when your course will expire by checking the due date listed next to the course in your current learning.



Q. Will I receive proof of completion for quizzes I pass within the Online Education Center?


A. Yes, certificates of completion are available for each online course you pass in the Online Education Center. Once you have passed a quiz, you will have the option to print your certificate of completion, which can be submitted with your recertification applications for both CPCS and CPMSM. Your account will become inactive once your courses expire, so please save your certificates as soon as you complete the course.



Q. Will I have online access to my certificates forever?


A. No, certificates will only be available for 30 days after completion of each quiz. Please print them out upon completion for your records. If you require a certificate to be reissued outside of this window, please contact NAMSS Headquarters.



Q. Are these courses eligible for NAMSS-approved continuing education (CE) credits?


A. Yes, all courses in the Online Education Center are eligible for NAMSS-approved CE credits. The exact number of credit hours varies depending on the product purchased.



Q. By purchasing an eLearning Center course, am I entitled to NAMSS member benefits?


A. No, NAMSS members and non-members can purchase courses offered through the Online Education Center. NAMSS members receive a discounted price on all purchased items and occasionally the courses and modules are free for members. To join NAMSS and receive these discounts and benefits or to learn more, please click here.


Q. By purchasing an online course, will I receive any hardcopy materials in the mail?


A. No, all online courses are completely online and can be accessed on any computer through the NAMSS Web site. A user name and password is required to access all purchased online courses. The Online Education Center courses are different from some of the hardcopy materials NAMSS provides (apparel, study guides, etc.) which can also be purchased through the NAMSS online store.



Q. Can I share them with my team?


A. NAMSS online courses are meant to be viewed by the purchaser and CE credit will only be given to the person who purchased and has a license to the course. Group recording packaged are available in the NAMSS online store.



Q. If I pay for a course, is that online course accessible for only the license period or can I download it for permanent access?


A. You can watch the course any time that is convenient for you within the valid license period from the date of purchase (ranging from 90 days to 1 year depending on the product). The benefit of the Education Portal is 24/7 access to the system during the valid license period. Online courses cannot be downloaded and saved to your computer. You must have internet access and be able to login to NAMSS.org to view your courses. Some products (Credentialing101, Online Certification Preparation Courses, Comparison of Accreditation Standards) have additional resources that may be downloaded, printed or saved; directions for how to download will be provided in the course.


Q. Are the courses iOS compatible?


A. The courses in the eLearning Center are not compatible with Apple mobile devices (iPhones, iPads). However, they are compatible with all Mac personal computer software.



Q. Can I browse to other pages while the course is open? What does the course page look like?


A. When you are ready to view the course, a video window launches in a separate window and you are able to navigate away from the original webpage.


Q. I am able to successfully login to the session, however, when I click on the session nothing happens. What should I do?


A. Disable your pop-up blocker or edit your pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from http://e.learn.com/2/namss

To edit your pop-up blocker settings:


Internet Explorer

To open the "Pop-up Blocker Settings Menu," open IE and go to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.


Notifications and Filter Level

The "Notifications and Filter Level" section allows you to set pop-up filter level and notification preferences.

1. Go to "Notifications and Filter Level" at the bottom of the menu. Choose the filter level you want. It is recommended to keep the default setting of "Medium."

2. The other two checkboxes are optional and notify you when pop-ups are blocked.



The "Exceptions" section allows you to allow pop-ups from specified websites.

1. Open the "Pop-up Blocker Settings Menu" by going to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.

2. "Exceptions" is the first section. To add a site to this list, enter the URL (http://e.learn.com/2/namss) in "Address of website to allow:", and click the Add button. That site will now appear in your "Allowed Sites" list below.

3. To remove a site from your "Allowed Sites," single-click on the site to highlight it and click the Remove button. You can remove all allowed sites by clicking the Remove All button.



Open the "pop-up Windows" menu, open Firefox and go to Tools > Options > Web Features. Note: Mac users open Firefox and go to Firefox > Preferences > Web Features.

1. Check Block Pop-up Windows if you would like to get all pop-ups.

2. Click on Allowed Sites to allow pop-ups from specified websites.

- Enter the URL (http://e.learn.com/2/namss) of the site you want to allow pop-ups from and click Allow.

- If you wish to remove a site from your allowed list, highlight it and click Remove Site. Clicking Remove All Sites will clear your allowed sites list.



Q. I disabled my pop-up blocker/added the course web link to my allowed pop-ups but I am still having problems. What should I do?


A. You may have a third-party pop-up blocker software installed. Third-party pop-up blockers can be difficult to detect. Google and Yahoo toolbars will appear in your web browser's menu under View > Toolbars. Other software may appear in your Taskbar and some may not be detectable at all. Check your Add/Remove Programs menu and run a scan for spyware to try to eliminate any unwanted blockers.


You may also want to contact your IT Department for additional assistance.



Q. If I forget my User Name or password, how can I retrieve this information?


A. You may click the “Change My Password”  link on the login page or you may contact NAMSS Headquarters at (202) 367-1196 or by e-mail at info@namss.org.

Q. If I have additional questions about the eLearning Center, who should I contact?


A. E-mail NAMSS Headquarters or contact us at (202) 367-1196.

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