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LMA QuickStart Online Course

A Key Onboarding Tool for All New Team Members -
Available On-Demand
CORE Competency: All
Level: Essential
Firm Size: Small, Medium and Large
Price: Members - $499; Nonmembers - $599 

RFP, M&A, TORT, CRM… OMG! The first few years of legal marketing can seem like a foreign language. Even worse, your new bosses probably have a completely different style of looking at things and explaining what they want compared with your previous professional environment. Life is just different in a law firm — from making sure your marketing resonates to ensuring your conversations with attorneys are productive.


The LMA QuickStart Online Course covers all 10 core competencies of legal marketing. These on-demand and fully interactive web-based sessions, each 50 minutes long, are classes that provide take-aways you can use immediately. Nationally recognized legal marketing experts, who have been exactly where you are at the beginning of their own career, provide expert advice for each competency. Find the answers you need to hit the ground running and refine the skills you already have. Learn how to:


  • Properly communicate with attorneys
  • Accurately read financials
  • Understand individual marketing plans
  • Get buy-in from your marketing partner to champion marketing efforts
  • Find ways to make all marketing projects accountable and measureable


Take the series of 10 sessions whenever it’s convenient for you: during lunch, before the workday begins, when you get home in the evening — whatever fits your schedule. You’ll also benefit from supplemental materials provided in the modules such as Strategies articles, and webinar replays and conference replays.


To ensure you’re retaining these essential lessons, a quiz follows each competency. Once you successfully complete all 10 quizzes, you’ll earn a certificate of completion. You’ll also receive a bonus module — “Everything You Need to Know about Lawyers but Are Afraid to Ask”— that gives you real insights, everyday tips and tricks, and expert advice that will guide you through your journey in this profession.  

Learning Objectives by Module





1.        Understand the concept and the value of branding to various organizations, including law firms.


2.        Examine how and why firms brand themselves or their practices.


3.        Know how to use your branding manual for developing new materials.

Business Development


1.        Understand the business development process.


2.        Know how to incorporate business development strategies in day-to-day activities.


3.        Understand the fundamentals of internal and external client service


4.        Build personal networks.

Business of Law


1.        Understand how the business of law differentiates itself from other business models.


2.        Obtain basic understanding of financials, billing, and billable hour.


3.        Understand the different levels of attorneys.


4.        Understand the concept and application of return on investment (ROI)


5.        Determine where to find the information you need.


6.        Understand the basic legal and slang terms you find in your work.

Career Development


1.        Understand the basics of good communication skills (i.e. managing your manager)


2.        Learn how to implement specific tools and tactics effectively.


3.        Understand the roles and responsibilities of the members of a marketing team.


4.        Develop personal goals based on department and firm goals.


5.        Establish ways to build your personal network.


6.        Identify areas where you need improvement and seek out opportunities to enhance your knowledge.



1.        Develop the basics of clear, error-free communications.


2.        Understand the basic email etiquette.


3.        Understand the 30-20-10 rule for PowerPoint presentations.


4.        Apply techniques to make you a more powerful presenter/public speaker.

Event Management


1.        Understand the roles and responsibilities of event managers.


2.        Develop best practices for planning events.


3.        Establish a familiarity with event planning and execution.


4.        Develop communication tools to ensure success.

Public Relations


1.        Understand the concept and value of public relations.


2.        Identify what makes something newsworthy.


3.        Understand how and why law firms use public relationship to market themselves.


4.        Understand good examples of public relations campaigns in law and other industries.


5.        Develop ability to draft a basic press release.


6.        Establish effective methods to work with an outside PR agency.



1.        Understand what market research, client research and competitive intelligence are and can do.


2.        Understand the LMA Guidelines for Conducting and Commissioning Research.


3.        Identify ways to use primary and secondary research.


Strategic Planning


1.        Understand the basics of strategic planning.


2.        Explore what kinds of information you can use to help develop a plan.


3.        Develop a strategic plan for a small project or team.



1.        Establish best practices for using your CRM system.


2.        Understand the structure and functionality of Web sites.


3.        Identify effective e-mail marketing techniques.


4.        Explore the impact and uses of social media as it relates to your firm’s overall marketing strategy.


5.        Develop methods to work effectively with your IT department or outside technology consultants.


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